How To Find Your Dream Job Using This Guide

You might wondering why some people have their dream job in life and others don’t. You might be in that same situation or know someone close to your circle that passing to a very hard time at their current job.

They feel every day drained and overwhelm like if there are not getting no where in their job with such toxic environment that drag them to their floor. (Low Self-Esteem)! Some people have a their job but in the deep side they are just a slave from their boss, the work, their colleagues.

The only things good for them is expected the 15th or 30th for the little paycheck that is only enough to pay some bills, i literally say some bills. Specifically those one that are the most basic need of their current life.

You might thinking right now or nog in your mind “I am one of those type of people”. Let me tell you that you are not alone. If you are reading this now, i want to tell you that there are millions of people same like you in same situation you are in and even worst.

It comes down to ask the real question:


Take a little bit of time to really think a little bit. Not about your problems, Not about how much you get paid. Just think about how you feel.

Here is some answer that i have often when i talk with some people.

  • I feel stress
  • I feel overwhelm
  • I feel hopeless
  • I feel drained
  • I feel unworthy
  • I feel i can’t anymore

These ones to name few. You don’t have to feel that way. As a matter of fact I don’t want you to feel that way because i know there is a reason why your hate your job and giving up your dream.

The good new is you can change your current situation in the next 90 days. There’s people that turn their life around in the past 2 years more than anytime in the history depend on the date your are reading this article.

You can have your dream job by becoming better and take the right specific action that will lead you to a better path. There are already within you everything you need, Is just you might be approaching it in the wrong way.

There are some universal law and some unknown internal force available for you to guide toward your dream job or desire career to change your life trajectory for the better.

One of the biggest problems that keep us trap in life no matter is career, financial, relationship or spirituality is we often now believe in our on self of deserving and even feel worthiness to attract, gain the best out life. Just imagine you don’t feel and believe your deserve the best things in life.

By just believe you are worthy and deserving the best in you life will sustain your mind to find and create a clear better vision that empower you to be and do what ever it takes to become better and do better at what ever you do.

There’s a shift that need that need to made in your mind first. Its a whole process that will lead you to create the action plan to support your belief when you start taking the right action to go after the result you want.

Here is How to find you dream Job in Life

Set the Right Intention

Before anything you have to set the right and proper intention. Are you in it only for the money? Are you seeking for the comfort that come with it? Are you only looking for the security it will be providing you or you have something bigger than that. Start by asking simple question like these with help you get deeper into a mind mapping.

  • What i want to feel?
  • How want to be looking at my life?
  • What it would made for me and my surroundings

Finding The Meaning In Your Life

You might wondering what i meant by this? We all know everybody base on their belief and circumstances something can be meaningful for someone in particular way and for others it is complete different even if it demand same effort and same amount energy. I mean after everything we do in our daily basic at the end we all need to feel what we are doing mean something or have a value attach to it.

For some people is they need to feel significant in life and other they just want to feel they are part of something etc…

What ever it is for you finding a meaning in life is crucial otherwise you will not keep on going or putting the fuel when it needed.

See It Before It Happen

We all know how kids are dreamer, they always see themselves doing and having what they want. They don’t stop themselves from pre-see what they want even they don’t have it yet. They process within them what we call imagination.

They visualize what they want, they see and feel having what they want. They don’t allow doubt take it away from their mind. They even create the picture of having what they want. They don’t have the worry on how they are going to get it. It’s on their mind.

You can use your mind the same way.

Create an Action Plan

Throughout life any idea or desire that is not backed up by an action plan by law is stays as an inspirational moment. Planning the step that you are going to take and write down all the layer that will require you to get what you want is inevitable.

The result you are looking after can only manifest from the right action plan on how you are going to execute moving forward. As you do so, you will get more clarity and the universe will unfold in the process how and where you will need to direct your focus and energy. Even bring people that could serve you in the way that you have plan on.

Execute On Your Plan

Start moving the bar, Start taking that step from your action plan this bring us to execution. The process might taking time. But As soon you stay on putting the work, tackle each and every part of your plan daily you will get the result you are looking after.

There will discouragement, there will be moment you feel like you are not making progress, you might start doubting yourself when things getting hard and difficult. Remember As soon you stay on the plan and execute on your plan in a constant basic your day will to pull the trigger will appears.

It will requires you to review your plan in a regular basic. Each time you feel stuck you have to look back and see how far you have come and make the necessary changes to get you closer to your destination and desire goal.

Many the delay we encounter are just part of the process to prepare your for better. To strengthen you for when you face the obstacles, the unknown. Execution will be always your best friends.

The Challenges in life never happen to us but they happen for us. I go in depth through each steps on Be More To Be A Better You.

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